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May 25, 2017

This week, while the Geeks are away, join Marty, and old but new Geek, Mike, as they cut their way through the upcoming horde of TV nostalgia reboot faire.  Are there some shows that are being resurrected that should just be left dead and burried?  Are there other shows that are making a comeback that you thought...

May 14, 2017

Join Erik, Mallory and Andrew as they watch the final episode of Riverdale's ridiculous first season. Is it as crazy as they hoped? Did Archie finally become interesting? Are there more sexy cheerleading dance-offs? Find out at

May 3, 2017

Aaron, Marty, Mark are joined by the prodigal Szpirs as we muse about all the geeky things! International Tabletop Day - how did Szpirs get his kid into board games AND Firefly at the same time? Free Comic Book Day - how do the geeks get their lil Jawas into FCBD without blowing their motivators? May the Fourth - the...