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Jul 31, 2015

Join two of our heroes, Aaron and Erik, and their wives, Sarah and Megan, as they discuss all things Parenthood! Do they go off on as many tangents as when Szpirs is there? Find out at

Jul 23, 2015

Rejoice as our three heroes, yes that's right, our three heroes reunite to converse about life, the universe and all things SDCC. What's SDCC you ask and how does it relate to Angela Merkel? Find out at

Jul 16, 2015

Join Geek, Aaron, and his awesome wife, Sarah, as they sing the praises of Parenthood, gush over the new Deadpool SDCC footage, and debate who is the better Marvel character; Iron Man or Spiderman? Will this match of witts end in bloodshed? Will their 3 year marriage endure this new level of geeky podcasting?  Find...

Jul 9, 2015

Join our heroes Szpirs and Aaron, and their guest Lando, James, as they delve further into the history of comics, fatherhood and the current state of CanCon in the Great White North.  Is Canadian cinema and creativity locked in a frozen igloo of stagnation? Find out at

Jul 2, 2015

Join our heroes, Szpirs and Aaron, and their maybe-surprise-mystery guest as they battle with a list of parenting "truths". Will the list triumph? Find out at